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Frequently Asked Questions
What is iVisitor?
iVisitor is a web based visitor management system used by customers ranging from small offices to enterprise, healthcare and multi-tenant clients that require complex integration.
What do I need to use iVisitor?
A computer and web browser with Internet access is the only thing required for iVisitor.
What Internet browser is required to use iVisitor?
iVisitor is supported by the latest release of all popular internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera & Safari. Printing visitor badges requires the latest version of Internet Explorer.
What type of internet connection do I need?
While iVisitor can be accessed with a simple 56k dial up connection, a continuous High-Speed connection such as DSL, Broadband or a similar type of business class connection is recommended.
How secure is iVisitor?
iVisitor uses 128 bit SSL encryption technology similar to on-line banking systems. 
How long does iVisitor save my past visitor information?
iVisitor saves your past visitor information for as long as you use the service. Past visitor information can be quickly accessed on-line by clicking on the 'search' menu item. Past visitor information may be easily sorted or filtered by visitor name. All searches may be printed for off-line historical purposes.
Does iVisitor send alerts when visitors arrive?
Yes, iVisitor sends email alerts upon visitor sign in. Upon initial setup, simply enter the email addresses of the hosts under the 'employee' menu item and when a visitor signs in, the host will receive an email alert.
Does iVisitor print visitor badges?
If visitor badges are desired, iVisitor can print professional looking visitor badges. We recommend using the DYMO LabelWriter 400 Turbo for printing adhesive or non adhesive visitor badges.
If I sign up for the free iVisitor trial, am I obligated to pay anything?
There is no obligation to pay anything for the first 30 days. No charges for the service will be incurred until after this period. If you choose not to use iVisitor, simply call or email to cancel the service.
How do I upgrade to iVisitor Enterprise?
If at any time you choose to upgrade your iVisitor account to iVisitor Enterprise, please contact us at 888.718.0807. All data from your existing account will be carried forward into your new account and any remaining credit on the account will be applied towards the iVisitor Enterprise account.
How do I get started?
It's simple. Just click sign-up, complete the on-line order form and a confirmation email will be sent including a link to the new account with two user names and passwords. From the confirmation email, copy and paste the iVisitor link into your Internet browser and select “go”. Log in to iVisitor using the supplied administrator user name and password and enter the names and email addresses of the employees who may be hosting visitors. Now, just click the "Add a Visitor" menu item and begin registering your guests!
How do I use the visitor self service feature?
Your iVisitor account comes with a log in authority that displays a user interface specifically designed for visitor interaction. Simply set up a visitor facing computer with an internet connection and log in to your iVisitor account with the visitor kiosk log in authority. From this screen, visitors can now sign themselves in and even print their own visitor badge without a receptionist involvement.
Where can I learn more about all of iVisitor's Visitor Management Systems?
You can learn more about all of Veristrem's Visitor Management Systems at www.veristream.com
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